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  Designed ideally for :

bulletGeneral Manager
bulletDirector of Sales
bulletRooms Division Manager
bulletReservations and Front Office Manager
bulletRevenue Manager
bullet8 days (5 days on site and 3 days off site) for properties < to 100
bulletEnglish (during the coaching Phase the Hotel Team can use English - French - Spanish - Italian
in order to write the action plan)
bullet12 000 Euros + VAT for a maximum of 6 delegates

Mail : tblottin@revdev-consultants.com


bulletOur “Yield Commitment Programme” modules are focussed to improve revenues and increase the benefits within the hospitality industry.


bulletThe first step we take in order to train up hotels, is measuring the existing results and the organisation. We do this through our "Audit Yield Phase", including data analysis and individual interviews with managers involved in the Yield Process.

bulletWe then develop a tailor-made coaching programme that is especially designed to improve weaknesses and enhance strengths. On the job coaching ensures that people actually understand and apply the acquired skills during the Training Phase, thus embedding required optimisation behaviour. Our approach to training your Team is very hands-on. By coaching people "on the road" amazing results can be achieved. Our consultants provide precise feedback from the Audit Phase and teach The Optimisation Team how to improve on their performance. Our “Yield Commitment Programme” has nothing to do with teaching theoretic skills to involved people or training a computerised yield system user. As a Team, committed Managers are building the Hotel Optimisation Plan and they continue until the required Yield skills are put to practice, this process ensures lasting improvements, long after the project has ended. 

bulletThe Follow up Phase takes place 4 weeks after the Coaching Phase in order to ensure a fully operational progress of the Project, to keep the motivation alive and to answer implementation inquiries.


bulletBy achieving its own action plan putting the Training to Practice, the Hotel Team is more committed than involved into optimisation. The “Yield Commitment Programme” is also recommended as a pre-installation programme for Hotels wishing to implement a computerised Yield System. As a matter of fact, even sophisticated systems won’t replace your Team in decision- making. As a matter of fact, the quality of information and recommendations produced by the system depends on the quality / accuracy of information provided to the system.

bulletIdeal for Hotels wishing to share the same “Yield Culture” within a Brand the “Yield Commitment Programme” enables to develop synergies.
bulletBefore you make an investment in the programme please note that its average impact on your turnover is an increase from 3% to 7% and that the average return on investment is from 300% to 3000% and more depending on the capacity and the turnover.


Benchmarking the “Yield Commitment Programme” 
against classical Yield Training :

1.    Better Time Management
2.    Effective People Coaching
3.    Creating Task Orientation
4.    Best Optimisation Practice
5.    Co-operation Enhancement

  6.    Constructive amendments to procedures
  7.    Better Motivated People
  8.    Project Management Skills
  9.    Building Optimisation Team and Behaviour
10.    Additional turnover simulation

Yield Commitment programme


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