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  Designed ideally for :

bulletYield Managers or professionals in charge of leading and implementing
a Revenue Management project
bullet10 days within a 3 month period
bulletPhase I = 3 days, Phase II = 4 days, Phase III = 3 days
 Nbr of Delegates
bulletMaximum of 8
 Inclusive of
bulletLunches and coffee breaks
bullet5 330 € + VAT per Delegate

Mail : tblottin@revdev-consultants.com


bulletOur “Yield Training Programme” modules are focussed to improve revenues and increase the benefits within the hospitality industry. The Yield Training programme provides the attendees with necessary practice and skills to implement and manage a Revenue Growth process in their hotel. 



bulletThe 10 days programme is divided in 3 phases within a 3 months period. This configuration gives each Delegate the opportunity to put the training to practice and refine their action plan between phases.

bulletDuring Phase I, the participants are attending the “3 days Yield seminar programme”. They are provided with the fundamentals of Yield Management.

bulletA complimentary addition to the 10 days programme is dedicated to hotels data collection. RevDev Consultants analyses a detailed questionnaire in order to prepare and personalise Phases II and III.
bulletPhase II welcomes a maximum of 8 Delegates for 4 days and takes place 1 month after Phase I. In order to enhance practical communication and pedagogical effects we then conduct 4 Workshops based on the real configuration of the Delegates hotels. As a team, we are tracking and refining optimisation levers and revenue enhancement opportunities. The commitment to the process is materialised by an action plan.

bulletThe 3 days Phase III receives 8 Delegates only and takes place 1 month after Phase II. We then develop internal and external communication skills in relation to the “Yield Culture”. The programme is decision-making orientated and leads to the validation of the Optimisation Action Plan. This process ensures that the training is put to practice and that operational results can be achieved.

Benchmarking the “Yield Training Programme” 
against classical Yield Training :

1.     Better Time Management 5.     Constructive amendments to procedures
2.     Effective People Coaching 6.     Project Management Skills
3.     Creating Task Orientation 7.     Additional turnover simulation
4.     Best Optimisation Practice

Yield / Revenue Management Training


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