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bulletThierry Blottin, founder of RevDev Consultants, has 30 years experience within the hospitality industry.
bulletInternational 4* hotel and conference center identified a potential of a yearly 120 000 $ for its new inventory structure.
bulletHe is the former director of the Paris Honotel Group (3* & 4* properties). As the former Director of Hotel management consulting Europe for the Tims Corporation, he specialised in hotel optimisation audits, yield training and revenue management consulting as well as computerised yield systems. He has worked as a senior consultant in charge of yield missions and synergy projects for several independant properties and international brands such as : Radisson SAS, Holiday Inn, Thistle Group, Golden Tulip, Accor, Concorde, Meridien, DisneyLand Paris, Lucien Barriere ...
bullet3 independant hotels 3* and 4* in Paris achieved a turnover of + 12.5% in one year after a complete audit and restructuration of their sales, rate and inventory structures in 2001.
bullet4* Luxe / Palace has been found with a spilled potential of 900 000 € and has been explained how to recapture it for next year.
bulletIndependant 4* in Paris achieved a +10% in GDS business after rate / inventory structures redefinition and Yield Manager coaching in 2005.
bulletThierry Blottin held several senior sales / marketing, I.T. and operational positions in France, Spain and in the United Kingdom, within international hotel groups for more than 10 years, and used to work for Accor, Concorde, Meridien, Forte, Hilton and Best Western Groups.

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bulletHotel group jumped more than 400 positions in the Google search ranking and is showing now on 1st  page (top 3) for its keywords against competitors. Our best reference in this matter (search engine positioning /manual referencement / web site optimisation) is the RevDev-Consultants web site which is ranking N°1 amongst 119 000 000 answers on Google Int. from France and N°1 amongst 54 400 000 on Yahoo int. from France for its key business words "revenue management" since 2002 to date.
bulletTeaching Yield Management at University level - International Master in Hospitality Management - 2006/2007/2008. License Sup de Co 2010.
bullet3* affiliated hotel rebalanced its market mix, introduced a 25% new e-business individual guests and achieved the 1st quarter of 2006 with a +29.8% increase in revPAR versus 2005. Coaching on going.

RevDev Consultants Team & Partners

bulletLarge Resort operating 10 residences in 2*-3*-4* achieved a 10% of its turnover with new individuals through its own web site and booking engine after a 1 year implementation and customisation in 2004.

  Some actual operations  

bulletA large branded Parisian 4* property achieved a +23% in turnover within 1 year coaching / training based on an optimisation audit in 2004.
bulletReorganisation of pricing strategies in several 4* / 3* hotels further to CRS rate structure change in 2nd quarter 2007 for Holiday Inn Chain and in 3rd quarter 2007 for Best Western branded hotels.
bulletYield Management & Upselling trainings for 30 properties of an European hotel group - 1st semester 2007.
bullet2 Parisian 4* : e-distribution channels management 2008 coaching & preparation for profit enhancement further to distribution costs increase / configuration changes by some major electronic channels and switches.
bulletIndependant 2* in Paris achieved year 2007 with an increase of 144% of its e-distribution results, +6€ in average rate per reservation aswell as a better length of stay per booking. Global Hotel turnover increase of 21.5% in 2007 versus 2006.
bullet2008 preparation of rate, inventory, sales, distribution structures for 2 independant hotels moving from 2** to 3***+ categories.
bullet3 stars branded hotel achieved a +18.2% in 2007 versus 2006 following a +18.8% in 2006 versus 2005 = turnover increase of +40.3% in 2007 versus 2005.
bullet2009 preparation of product, sales & operational, structures for 2 independant hotels moving from 3*** to 4**** categories.
bullet4 stars branded hotel achieved a +42% in turnover for 2008 versus 2004 - 3* branded hotel achieved in 2008 +48.5% versus 2005 - 2* independant achieved in 2008 a +36.4% versus 2006.
bullet2010-2011 : F&B concept and re-organisation for a daily 1200 cvts restaurant within a 3* Hotel in Lourdes - Communication for a 1* Michelin renown restaurant in Aveyron
bullet3* branded hotel achieved in 2012 +68,01% turnover versus 2005.
bullet2013 : 14 hostels, 2*,3* and 4* independant & hotel groups properties, trained in 4 Yield Management sessions - 2 faisability audits (take over & brand new property) achieved for 4* properties on behalf of an asset management group.
bullet2012-2013 in charge of selling a Parisian 3* property on behalf of owners cie. Return on investment = 121% achieved within a 7 years results and product enhancements.


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